Weekly Update January 12

8th Grade completed unit find on family relationships, which included ‘possessive adjectives’ in their singular/plural –male/ female forms, and how these are used in expressing preference. We began our Cuernavaca project with a sample video on “The Thophic Cascade”. New book for our 8th graders “En busca del amigo desaparecido” in our Spanish Library.

7th Grade started writing compositions in Spanish with the use of the composition cubes made by the students. This is a simple beginning to writing wonderful stories. We are now at unit 9 “Tu familia” learning about family relationships and numbers from 30 to 101.

6th Grade completed Unit 10 about expressing likes and dislikes in the singular/plural-female/male forms. We included vocabulary on the seasons and vacations.

5th Grade Continuing with “Dónde está? We are now studying prepositions in connection with school things and its environment. We san the song “Estoy Aquí” did our first dictation and played “Amanda manda” (a version of Simon Says”)


La Bilioteca

Our Spanish Library is up and running in the CM Room. We are now incorporating books with CDs and coming up soon…… a Video Library! Our gratitude to those parents who have most graciously donated books and dictionaries in Spanish. Gracias.

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