Casas bioclimáticas

Casa tradicional o bioclimática? Preservar el medioambiente es tarea de todos. Houses go green with these models built by our 8th Graders. Would you live in a green house or a traditional one?  Why? ¿ Por qué? This project was presented on imovie.

With recycling and compost areas…..

DSCN8616 DSCN8617 DSCN8618 DSCN8619  DSCN8621  DSCN8623  DSCN8625

…..and wind power

DSCN8626 DSCN8627 DSCN8628 DSCN8629 DSCN8630 DSCN8631

……and a rain garden

DSCN8632 DSCN8633

…..and solar panels

DSCN8634 DSCN8635  DSCN8637

Lit with solar panels….

DSCN8662  DSCN8664  DSCN8666   DSCN8669

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