Flex Those Reflexive Verbs!

6th Grade Spanish has been very busy!

We have been working with the difference between “hay” (there is/there are) and “estar” (to be) and how we use each of these words differently. To do this, we drew our own pictures and then went around the room to describe them. Some very entertaining sentences came out of this activity:

“Hay un gato encima de la vaca.”- There is a cat on top of the cow.

“Los pantalones están en la casa.”- The pants are on the house.

This week we took our unit test and are back to working with something called Reflexive Verbs. These are verbs that are used for doing something to oneself, for example: to brush one’s teeth, to bathe oneself, etc. There is a different conjugation for verbs like this, and the girls have been working hard to learn this new conjugation.

To help us bolster our understanding of reflexive verb conjugations as well as to increase the ease at which we do the conjugations, we played charades…with a Spanish twist. Each girl looked at an infinitive form of a reflexive verb and then acted out the verb. Her classmates could only guess the verb by conjugating it for a certain subject correctly and then being called on. The girls had a great time watching their classmates act out the words and guessing what the verb was.

Who says conjugating verbs has to be boring?

Gracias to the girls!