Stand and Deliver

Over the last two weeks, our fabulous 7th graders have prepared lessons about some of the topics we’ve been studying and have presented them to their classmates. The topics we learned about were:


Regular conjugations

The weather

The difference between “hay” and “estar”

Asking questions

Accent marks and stress

Our profesoras came up with creative lesson plans and engaging activities to accompany them. We learned some fun facts about the countries we’ve been studying, along with some fun facts about each one. By playing many games of Jeopardy we practiced our verb conjugations and worked on the difference between “hay” and “estar”. We had some competitions for conjugating verbs, asking questions, and expressing the weather.

The girls did a great job teaching, their classmates challenged them by asking clarifying questions, and everyone was active and engaged in all of our lessons. They learned a lot and, as always, had a blast while doing it. Gracias to all of them for working hard and digging deeper into the subjects they taught.