¿Qué Tienes?

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This week our 8th graders have learned that the verb “tener” is used to express many states of being; from how old we are to expressing fear, from talking about being hungry to feeling proud, these idiomatic expressions with tener are incredibly useful. Unlike in English where most of these feelings can be expressed with “to be” (I am twelve years old, I am hungry, I am tired), in Spanish, we use a verb which means “to have”. The girls have been working hard not to translate directly so that they can stay in Spanish mode and better understand the expressions. Want to practice some of these expressions yourself? You can find your copy of our Crash Course -here-.

To practice these phrases, we have been playing a lot of games, and yesterday, we turned our classroom into an art gallery where our 8th graders drew pictures of characters who could be described with our tener expressions.

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We played music and walked around the room. When the music stopped, each person had to look at the person next to her and have a short conversation where each partner described one of the characters in the drawing with a tener expression.  As always, our girls took this challenge on with creativity and a sense of humor. The activity produced many humorous conversations, and of course, a lot of dancing in between conversations. Well done, mis chicas!

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