¡Español nos viene bien!

This week in 8th grade Spanish has been filled with the music of our Spanish learners communicating with each other in the Spanish language. As part of learning about how to use the irregular verb “venir”, our Spanish learners talked with each other to give and receive different types of information. In one activity, students asked their classmates what skills come easily to them and which ones do not come so easily. In another, students wrote clues about celebrities and characters, and challenged their classmates to guess who they were describing by naming a few things that the celebrities were good at and not so good at. Some of these characters included Taylor Swift, Elan Musk, and Beyonce.

I was blown away at the effort that I saw being put into communicating this week. Both of these activities involved students to maintain communicating only in Spanish for 10 minutes each: the most Spanish our Spanish learners have spoken at one time in class so far this year. I saw students helping each other to understand various vocabulary words through charade-like actions, teammates helping each other with how to say words, and joyful learning. I thank our Spanish learners for their contributions to an immersive environment and willingness to participate. Gracias!