¿Las personas de México juegan más fútbol que las personas de Chile?


Over the last few weeks in Spanish class, 8th graders have been learning how to make comparisons of equality and inequality. They have practiced this by writing a mini-dialogue about something not being fair in their “No es justo” assignment and have also made interview questions to ask their classmates about how fast they run, how tall they are, and more so that they could continue to learn how to compare.20170331_104031

This week, we turned our focus to Spanish-speaking countries and the verb jugar (to play). Students looked at the sports are played in many Spanish-speaking countries, and interviewed each other to find out what sports are played in the Spanish-speaking world. They then created graphics to demonstrate what they learned.



By doing some more cultural investigations, students have a better understanding not only of how to use the sentence structures they’ve been using, but are also gaining new insights as to the values and traditions of the people who speak the language we are learning.

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