Welcome Back!

This was our first week back to regular classes and we are off to a great start in 8th grade Spanish! We reviewed some of our class routines like practicing our warm-up: el lanzamiento and “Mi ‘no’ favorito“.

We also spent time learning how to use Word Reference as a helpful tool for translations. Unlike Google Translate, Word Reference allows language learners to find more specific translations for the words they need. We discussed words that might be translated incorrectly using Google Translate instead of Word Reference. A word students thought might be problematic to translate would be “bear”. After some investigation, we found that while Google Translate only offered oso (as in, the furry mammal that sometimes comes in the form of a stuffed animal) whereas Word Reference provided a number of possible translations for the various possible meanings of the word. Students then worked independently and with each other on the Word Reference Ficha finding translations when necessary to practice using this tool both this year and beyond.

After a great week of conversation, laughter, and learning, I’m excited to continue the energy into next week when we will review conjugations and jump into learning how to use some new irregular verbs! This video is always a fun way to get ready to jump back into Spanish!