This week in 7th grade Spanish we have been learning how to express dates and to describe important holidays in the Spanish-speaking world. Students were given a list of important holidays in different countries and researched not only when the holiday takes place, but also the significance of the holiday and how it is celebrated.

Students learned for example that Cinco de Mayo is not, as some might think, Mexican Independence Day, but a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla. Because of this, it is not a widely celebrated holiday in the Spanish-speaking world.

We shared with each other surprises about what we learned. Some were amazed at how many Spanish-speaking countries share the same Independence Day. Others were interested to find that many of the holidays had religious affiliations. We were able to discuss why this might be.

This activity will pave the way for our year together in Spanish class. We will learn about the language, but also investigate the cultures and histories of people who speak the language.

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