Let’s Get Reflexive!

Before winter break, students were able to delve into a world of stories in Spanish. They were given many options of books written in Spanish that they were able to choose and practice reading aloud independently for the first half of a class. After this time, students joined together in small groups and read their stories aloud to each other. Using gestures, tone, and body language, they encouraged their group mates to understand what their story was about. After this, students watched and read several versions of a story called “El Principe Ceniciento” which is a play on the story of Cinderella, but with a fairy godmother who was a little confused and not very experienced at her job. Students discussed with each other how they could understand a story all in Spanish if they did not understand each word. They learned that by using their senses, knowledge of basic Spanish, and cognates to follow the story.

After break, students have been working on learning a new kind of verb to be able to talk about their daily routines. These are reflexive verbs, which is a verb where someone does something to themselves, for example “I brush my hair” or “I bathe myself.” Students will continue to practice these verbs by interviewing each other about their daily routines, reading about daily routines of others, and will write about their own. 

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