Mexico Immersion Trip 2015

Good news!  We are glad to announce that the application deadline for our Mexico trip has been extended. 

We are now reviewing specific details of our tour to ensure that we jump into our goals and have time to relax and enjoy Cuernavaca’s scenery and history.

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the highlights of our trip in the pictures below. Enjoy!images Tepoztlan11eng

voyage Tepotzlan, cuernavaca, taxco, acapulco 083 cuerna1 taxco5 Sala de Museo Brady 150px-Sala1RBCTCV1 robert-brady-museum-museo 54cac8f66ecca3dd178d459e53087332 b_0508_large download photoEscudo_TAX_Grutas_de_Cacahuamilpa_Ex_cacahuamilpa